from The Emperor's Daughter

Meryam heard the familiar sounds of a ship drifting away from the dock. She moved as quickly as she could back towards the dingy whitewashed houses that clustered together at the edge of the bay. The bloom of the gong’s second sounding had struck her deep in her soul. A single peal would have been the start of the hunt for Liora. The second peal meant danger. What danger? Her last-minute decision to return to the city had been rash and fueled by nothing more than her intuition and the sick feeling of dread that filled her at the sounding of the gong. Something was horribly wrong in Valir.

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What I'm Writing

Right now I'm working on a fantasy novel called The Emperor's Daughter.

When a plot against the emperor and another against his daughter unknowingly converge, the pampered daughter of the emperor must learn to channel her mother’s gift of magic that has, until now, been hidden from everyone, including her.

Liora Tanir is pulled from her comfortable life of silk sheets and fencing lessons when one of her dozens of siblings reports her as a witch to the emperor’s anti-magic police force, the Nomiya. Fleeing the palace with her faithful servant, Liora discovers that there is more to her past than she was aware of. With the help of her newfound uncle, Liora leaves the capital city only to discover that a plot to kill her father and frame her brother, the Crown Prince Eamon, successfully swept through the palace as she was fleeing. With her servant missing and her uncle dead in a raid by the Nomiya, it is up to Liora to return to the palace wielding her mother’s magic to free her brother and stop the conspiracy.

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